If you are experiencing problems and cannot listen to the radio, please check the following elements.

I use Internet Explorer and when I launch the player, I see "Connection in progress, backup connection in progress" but it never actually connects.

The problem could be your Internet Explorer configuration. Here are a few steps you can take to try to rectify the situation:

When I log on the player page it says that I don't have the Flash Player installed on my computer. But I do have it.

Try running the player in a different web browser, such as Firefox. (Download Firefox).

If the player works in a different browser, then you need to check the settings on the browser that doesn't work. (See the Flash Player Help links, below.)

If the player still doesn't work, then try re-installing the Flash Player. For more information, refer to Adobe's help pages:

When I launch the Player, it says that I need to upgrade my version of Flash Player.

This means you are using an older version of Flash Player. Go here to update the Flash Player; that should solve the problem.

I can't access the stream. All my configurations are up to date including my browser and my Flash Player. I can't connect at all.

Are you listening from home or from your place of work?

If you're at work, ask your network administrator if they have blocked the stream URL in the firewall office.

If you're at home, are you using any kind of firewall, anti-virus, or parental control? If so, disable it and try again.

If you can now listen to the stream, then you need to add the stream's URL to your firewall/anti-virus/parental control's "allow" list.